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Promoting Reading in Ghana


Golden Baobab Promotes African Children's Literature

According to a paper published in 2000, Africa imports roughly 70 percent of its book needs. Elliot Agyare, former president of the Ghana Books Publishers Associations thinks it might even be up to 80 percent.

It can be argued that these books – most of them coming from Western countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany – do not reflect local African languages, ...

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Library Portal Ghana

http: / / www.goethe.de / ins / gh / prj / bpg / enindex.htm

The Goethe Institute Ghana provides this library portal with information on Ghana today and in the recent past, focusing on library and information services (history, overview, link to related resources, including reading promotion). While the political and economic situation of Ghana is fairly stable, it is considered as a role model for African democracies from a European perspective. However, little has been done over the years regarding investments in libraries and related services. 

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OSU Children`s Library Fund (OCLF)

http: / / www.osuchildrenslibraryfund.ca /

The OSU Children`s Library Fund was initiated by Canadian Kathy Knowles, in order to provide libraries and librarians in Africa with the knowledge and funds to maintain library services, and to teachliteracy and promote reading in clean, safe environments, in sustainable manner. Particular emphasis is placed on material in languages the children can relate to. Guides and instructions for teachers/facilitators and librarians can be downloaded in English and French The foundationis situated in Winnipeg [ ... ]  

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