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Projects of the Reading Center Steiermark

Reading initiative Steiermark (Austria)

http: / / www.leseoffensive.st /

Leseoffensive-Steiermark“Exciting rather than educating!“ -this is the motto behind the “Leseoffensive Steiermark“, a reading initiative that was launched in autumn 2008, supported by the education department of the regional government of Steiermark in Austria. It intends to motivate children to read, promote a joy of books and engage parents in reading aloud and telling [ ... ]  

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Labuka – reading islands for children in Graz (Austria)

http: / / www.stadtbibliothek.graz.at / ?ref-type=labuka

Labuka-Buecherinsel Labuka is a joint-venture project by the city library of Graz and the reading centre Steiermark, which is aimed at motivating children and youths to read, by means of interesting actions and uncommon events. The children’s library Labuka in the town library of Graz offers an appealing and diverse programme. Events are open to all children and youths free of charge. [ ... ]  

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