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Promoting Reading in New Zealand

Warrior For Books in Homes

In an epiphany, Once Were Warriors main character Beth Heke realizes: "Bookless. Bookless. We're a bookless society. And I live in it, don't I? And my kids."

However, a bookless family does not stand a chance in a world that, according to Alan Duff, the author and creator of Once Were Warrior's Beth Heke, operates on the written word.

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„Literacy Aotearoa“ in New Zealand

“Literacy Aotearoa“ is an organisation dedicated to promoting and monitoring developments in adult literacy and numeracy skills. “Aotearoa“ means “New Zealand” in Māori, the official national language next to English. The organisation endorses a holistic approach to literacy, encompassing basic educational skills in reading and writing, numeracy, cultural awareness and critical thinking. A network of many organisations in the field of adult literacy is active across the entire country, acting at [ ... ]

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