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Projects of „Foreningen !les“ - The association !read in Norway


Foreningen !les encourages people to read

Nationale Lesekampagne in Norwegen

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The Norwegian campaign „Foreningen !les“ (The Association Read) collaborates with the National Library of Norway, different organisations, teachers, librarians, booksellers, writers and publishing houses to encourage as many people as possible to read. The Association Read organizes diverse campaigns and projects approaching different target groups in different settings.

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„Idrett og lesing“ - Sport and Reading in Norway

http: / / bokpallen.no / index.php?option=com_content & task=view & id=561 & Itemid=79

Sport and Reading was a three year project by The Association Read funded by The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority (now the National Library of Norway) and Arts Council Norway. The main objective was to bring literature into the sport field to create a joy for reading among athletes in different sport sections including mass and elite sports. Key persons in the project were librarians. Equipped with book bags from The Association Read they visited teams and clubs before or after training [ ... ]  

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Poetry Slam in Norway

http: / / www.poesislam.no /

Poetry Slam is a contest which blends poetry, hip-hop-battle, theater sport and performance. The participants are judged on the background of the content of their lyrics and their performing skills. Semi-finals are arranged at literature festivals around in Norway hosted by local representatives. The Master of Poetry Slam is acclaimed after an exciting final at the House of Literature in Oslo in November every year. 

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„Aksjon tXt“ - Reading campaign for Norwegian youths

http: / / www.foreningenles.no / index.php?option=com_content & view=article & id=80 & Itemid=73

tXt was established in 1997 and is the biggest and oldest reading campaign for Norwegian youths between 13-16 years old. Together with an individual share from The Association Read the campaign has until this day been supported by the Norwegian Centre for Arts and Culture in Education. The time period of the campaign lasts from August to December each year. The main objectives are to create and develop a greater engagement for reading and a positive attitude towards literature among pupils in middle [ ... ]  

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„Rein tekst“ - Campaign for young people in Norway

http: / / www.txt.no /

„Rein tekst“ is a campaign for young people aged 16 to 19 years, in highschools in Norway. Participating students are offered new and exciting reading experiences. In 2004, the campaign was launched by „Foreningen !les“ amd it has since become an annual event, with meanwhile roughly 60 000 participants. „Rein tekst“ is thus the greatest reading action campaign for this particular target group in Norway. „Foreningen !les“ publishes a book containing excerpts from contemporary Norwegian literature and [ ... ]  

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Young people’s literature award, Norway

http: / / www.foreningenles.no / index.php?option=com_content & view=section & layout=blog & id=12 & Itemid=78

The Young Critics Award in Norway targets secondary school students. On the one hand, it intends to give incentives to contemporary literature, while on the other hand, young people and the general public are motivated to read. Selected secondary school classes in Norway choose the best Norwegian book. The award is subject to a cooperation of the Critics Association, publishing houses, the education directorate (Utdanningsdirektoratet, Utdanningsforbundet, Norsk Kritikerlag and norske [ ... ]  

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Youth book prize „UPrisen“ in Norway

http: / / www.uprisen.no /

The youth book prize „UPrisen“ was launched in 2007 in cooperation with the Norwegian literature festival in Lillehammer. Young students select the best youth book from a prepared list each year. In 2009, seven ninth year classes from different regions in Norway took part. A jury of adult experts pre-selects the five best youth books from the youth books published in the past year. The classes comprising the final jury read these books and vote the favourite title. The author of the „best book“ is awarded [ ... ]  

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