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Promoting Reading in Slovakia for selected target groups


„Going through gardens and castles with a book“ in Slovakia

http: / / www.zdruzenieorava.sk / akcie / 4_en

The annual reading aloud week presents the framework for „Going through gardens and castles with a book“ („S knihou po hradoch a zámkoch“), carried out by Orava Association. The action aims to animate young children to invent their own fantastic stories, and a playful approach to reading and books is adopted to assist them to this end.
Fairy tale games are organised for smaller (pre-school) children in this context. All parents, grandparents and carers are encouraged to convey the philosophies and [ ... ]  

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Infants and children

„Let’s read!“ Reading marathon in Slovakia

http: / / www.infolib.sk / index / podstranka.php?id=1951

The annual reading marathon “Let’s read!“ („Citajme si“) has been held the third time running in 2010, organised by UNICEF („emergency call for children“ - „Linka detskej istoty“). In 2010 Slovakian author Oľga Feldeková acted as the event’s patron. The action was also supported by the Slovakian Library Association (SAK), the publisher „Slovart“ as well as the projects „Murova čitáreň“ and „Slovenské Rekordy.“
This action is carried out in diverse schools and public libraries across [ ... ]  

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“Noc s Andersenom” - A night with Andersen

http: / / www.infolib.sk / index / podstranka.php?id=1945

“A night with Andersen” (Noc s Andersenom) is an annual event targeting school children but also younger children (aged five onwards) in Slovakia. On this occasion, children are invited to public libraries, school libraries and cultural centres across the country. “A night with Andersen” hosts manifold events, inviting children to participate in games and drama, competitions and read-out-aloud sessions, all of which centre on Andersen’s fairy tales. Children can also stay over night in the respective[ ... ]

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„Týždeň hlasného čítania“ - annual reading event in Slovakia

http: / / www.zdruzenieorava.sk / index.php?lang=en

The “Orava“ association hosts an annual reading event (“Týždeň hlasného čítania“) in April, which took place for the ninth time in 2010. The 2010 reading week aimed to familiarise children with adult lifespheres through fairy tales and stories.
The initiators wish to thereby activate the children’s imagination. Throughout the reading week, participating school classes jointly read a book. The children can then occupy themselves with the contents of the books in various ways, for instance by [ ... ]

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„The King of child readers“ in Slovakia

http: / / www.kniznicatrnava.sk / sk / english /

The project „The king of child readers“ inspires children aged seven and eight years to write essays on given subjects in school. The children whose essays are pronounced to be the best are then awarded the title of „king”.
The young „kings“ are invited to a conference on the significance of reading and the future of books, which is held in a different town in Slovakia each year.
In 2009 the three-day event took place in Trnava. It was organised by the local library and supported by [ ... ]  

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Children and youth

„Zlatá rybka“ - The Slovak competition „The Goldfish“

http: / / www.infolib.sk / index / podstranka.php?id=1718

The competition „The Goldfish“ awards annual prizes for the best children’s book in Slovakia in order to gain the media’s attention for children’s literature in Slovakia. In 2009, the competition was sponsored by the publishers „DSPN - Mladé letá“, „Perfekt“ and „Fragment“. Children can cast their votes for their favourite books in the public libraries. Participants can win a prize, and the libraries are also rewarded for their engagement. 

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„Get into the library“ - national campaign in Slovakia

http: / / www.dokniznice.sk /

„Get into the library“ („Do knižnice“) is a national campaign aiming to raise the popularity of libraries with children, and motivating them to read. Diverse campaigns target children and young people, from infants to adolescents.
The „counting action“, for instance, addresses younger children at primary school age: they are to count the number of books in their homes and jot them down with an adult’s assistance (books on loan, academic titles and brochures do not count). The list of books and [ ... ]  

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Infants, children, youth, adults, families

„Muro’s reading room“ for children and young people in Slovakia

http: / / www.murovacitaren.sk /

„Muro’s reading room“ is an online portal for children and young people in Slovakia, presenting children’s and youth books. Muro, a tom cat, is a real book lover who would rather read than catch mice, and he regularly browses the book market for new titles.
The online portal presents these (newly released) children’s books by age groups or topics, and young readers can exchange their ideas in a discussion forum. Moreover, „Muro’s reading room” presents information regarding reading promotion projects [ ... ]  

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Library week in Slovakia

http: / / www.infolib.sk / index / podstranka.php?id=1943

The Slowak Library Association hosts a library week each year to strengthen public awareness for libraries as cultural and educational institutions. In 2010, the Library Week was held for the eleventh time. The theme was „Libraries for all“. The event aimed to foster public interest in the activities libraries organise for (small) children. The projects targeting children, i.e. “A night with Andersen”(„Noc s Andersenom“) and “Let’s read“ („Čítajme si…“) were part of the week’s programme. 

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“Hevi Clubs” in Slovakia

http: / / www.fanfary.sk / index.php?option=com_content & view=section & id=1 & Itemid=53 & lang=en

“Fanfáry” (Občianske združenie “Fanfáry”) organises “Hevi Clubs” in schools, libraries and occasionally in families. Carers assist the children in the “Hevi Clubs” in finding new ways of spending their spare time. In particular, the clubs aim to support parents in the regions in educating their children. Most of the “Hevi Clubs” are educational institutions where children can generally learn how to treat books and reading naturally. Some clubs specialise on children with learning or [ ... ]

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