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Promoting Reading in the People`s Republic of China

E-Devices Hinder Reading Development in China


Studies have shown that the brain and hand work closely together when learning how to write. New digital learning methods hinder learning how to read and write; this is currently leading to problems, especially in China.

A study by scientists from the University of Hong Kong has recently been published in the PNAS journal: The subject group, 6000 students in the 4th and 5th grade, each had to read out 300 characters from age-appropriate books. This caused serious problems for every third student.

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Reading programme for children and youths in China

http: / / www.hkpl.gov.hk / english / kids_teens / rea_pro_chi_you / inf_for / inf_for.html

Public libraries in Hong Kong invite children and youths to participate in a reading programme that is subject to two categories: children can select a book they have lent from their library and write a review that is submitted to the library. The librarians will then select a “star of the month” from the entries, and the children can receive prizes for their reviews. In the “recommend a good book” competition, children and youth can hand in their book recommendations, also subject to award winning prizes. 

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Promoting reading in rural areas in China

http: / / www.lsc.org.cn / CN / index.html

Rural areas in China lack an adequate access to books: the Society of Libraries in the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Centre for Distance Studies have conjoined to remedy this situation, in a one-year project (April 2010 until April 2011).
The project will also target participants from the distance study courses (agriculture) to serve as multipliers. They will promote agricultural science in their local communities.
The project is methodologically monitored by a study that is [ ... ]  

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Study on the reading habits of the Chinese population

http: / / cips.chuban.cc / chinapublish / yw / 201004 / t20100419_68758.html

For the seventh time, the office for press and publishing commissioned the Chinese publishing institute in 2009 to conduct a nationwide study on the reading habits of adults aged 18 to 70 years. In April 2010, the findings were disclosed to the press. The study’s findings are intended to assist the publishers in developing their future programmes. The study was carried out in 57 municipalities. 19,000 participants were interviewed in the study.
More than two thirds (69 percent) believe that reading [ ... ]

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Study on the reading habits of children and youths in China

http: / / www.xhsmb.com / html / Article / SCBW / 2010 / 05 / 11 / 1129517287.html

From April to July 2009, a study was conducted in China within the framework of the project “Child and Youth Year of Reading“. The basic corpus of respondents consisted of pupils from primary school levels 2 to 6, thus addressing the group of pupils aged between 7 and 14 years. The study focused the reading conduct of migrants in particular.
600 schools and 151,277 children took part in the study. 87.8 percent of them lived in a town, 11.5 percent lived in the country; 20,2 [ ... ]

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