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Promoting Reading in Italy for selected target groups

Babies, Infants

“Nati per Leggere“ - Born to read

http: / / www.natiperleggere.it /

Logo-Freed-am-LeesenThe national programme “Nati per Leggere“ (Born to Read) aims to inspire an early interest in books and reading. The project is supported by the association of paediatricians (ACP), the Italian Library Association (AIB) and the child health centre (Centro per la Salute del Bambino, CSB). Thus, a national network of libraries, [ ... ]  

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Bookstart in South Tyrole

http: / / www.provinz.bz.it / bookstart

Logo_Bookstart_South_TyroleSince 2007, the Bookstart project has been carried out in the German and Italian language in South Tyrole subject to a cooperation between the departments for German and Italian culture in the autonomous region of Bozen with many libraries, hospitals, doctors and midwives. At their baby’s birth, parents receive information [ ... ]  

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Infants, Children

Die Leselotte reist durch Südtirol

http: / / www.kulturinstitut.org / hauptnavigation / jukibuz / projekte / die-leselotte.html

Die “Leselotte“ ist ein Stofftier, das mit Büchern und Geschichten von einem Kindergarten in die erste Klasse eines Ortes wandert und im Unterricht eingebaut wird. Die Kinder haben dabei freien Zugang zu den Büchern und können mit dem Stofftier spielen. Begleitet wird die “Leselotte“ von einem Lese-Lotte-Reise-Buch, in das Kinder, Erzieherinnen und Lehrerinnen, Eltern und Großeltern Eintragungen machen können. Jede Gruppe entscheidet selbst, was gesammelt wird: z.B. persönliche Leseerfahrungen oder [ ... ]  

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Children, Youth

„Super heroes need super stories“ - creative writing for students in South Tyrol

http: / / www.kulturinstitut.org / hauptnavigation / jukibuz / werkstaetten.html

The reading and writing project of the Child and Youth Book Centre, South Tyrol, inspires children to write their own texts, which are then professionally discussed and edited. 

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“Il Giralibro” - Reading promotion project in Italy

http: / / www.giralibro.it /

Logo_Il_Giralibro“Il Giralibro” (book distributor) is a nation-wide initiative carried out by the organisation “Associazione per la lettura Giovanni Enriques” founded in 1994 (Reading Organisation Giovanni Enriques) targeting the promotion of reading among children aged between 10 and 14 years – by setting up small school libraries in all kinds of towns. To [ ... ]  

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For everyone

“Passe-livre” - BookCrossing in Italy

http: / / www.passe-livre.com /

The concept of “BookCrossing” was introduced to Italy in December 2002. Together with the bookstore “Leggere per”, a cultural envoy in Florence erected three bookshelves in the city - “Scaffali per il libero scambio” – these shelves provide opportunities for a free exchange of books. Following a festival inauguration by the mayor, 3000 books were quickly distributed to their readers. The project met such great acceptance that in March 2003, it had its own stall at the Paris Book Fair featuring 2000 books. [ ... ]  

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