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Promoting Reading in Morocco

„Association d’Appui aux Bibliothèques Rurales“ (Marokko)

http: / / www.tanmia.ma / article.php3?id_article=8868

“Association d’Appui aux Bibliothèques Rurales“ (organisation for supporting libraries in rural areas) aims to promote access to information and knowledge and create educational opportunities. It thus establishes and maintains a network of school and community libraries and media centres in rural regions. Furthermore, it provides training opportunities for librarians. “Association d’Appui aux Bibliothèques Rurales“ was founded in 1999 by Houria Senhaji, a library specialist, and it is run by volunteers [ ... ]  

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Club du Livre et de Lecture de Marrakech (Marokko)

http: / / www.jamila-hassoune.ma / club / index.html

“Club du Livre et de Lecture de Marrakech” (book and reading club Marrakesch) was founded in 1995 by book seller Jamila Hassoune and others to create space for literary events including public readings and discussions. The CLL organises meetings with authors, poetry evenings or literature days and workshops in cities and rural regions. Other than the project “Caravane du Livre”, the “Club du Livre et de Lecture de Marrakech” targets the general public. 

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Librairie Hassoune (Marokko)

http: / / www.jamila-hassoune.ma

Hassoune is a bookstore that was established in Marrakech in 1994, and its owner, Jamila Hassoune, founded the “Club du Livre e de Lecture de Marrakech” a year later. Jamila Hassoune aimed to convey books to the remote rural areas in southern Morocco. She thus set up a “Librairie itinérante”, a mobile library, taking books to the mountain regions. In 1999, she also set up the “Caravane Civique” (people’s caravan), offering reading and writing workshops. Hassoune conducted a survey on the reading [ ... ]  

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“Caravane du Livre” - Caravan of Books in Morocco

http: / / www.jamila-hassoune.ma / caravane / index.html

The “Caravane du Livre” (Caravan of Books) in Morocco was preceded by the “Caravane Civique” initiated in 1993 by bookseller Jamila Hassoune (Librairie Hassoune in Marrakesh) and sociologist-author Fatema Mernissi (citizens’ caravan), This service offered literature and writing workshops, while the “Caravane du Livre” was founded in 2006 by Jamila Hassoune to provide young people in rural communities near Marrakesh with access to education and knowledge, inspiring creative and critical minds. This mobile [ ... ]  

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The house of „Al-Ma’mûn“ in Ourika (Marocco)

http: / / www.bibliosansfrontieres.org / index.php?option=com_content & view=article & id=81:%20Maroc-creation-dun-centre-culturel-et-de-bibliotheques-a-Dar-Al-Ma%E2%80%99m%C3%BBn & catid=49:georgie & Itemid=114

In Ourika, 13 kilometres from Marrakesh, a private sponsor set up a cultural centre, i.e. “Dar Al-Ma’mûn” (house of Al-Ma’mûn), offering libraries and rooms servicing different target groups. The cultural centre offers exhibition and conference venues, a library stocking 20,000 volumes in Arabic and French, accessible by translators from the University as well as the general public. Translators and researchers from academic professions are thus brought into contact with the village population. Apart from [ ... ]  

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