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Promoting Reading in France for selected target groups

Babies, Infants

“Premières pages” - First pages (France)

http: / / www.premierespages.fr / 2011 /

Logo_Premieres_pages“Premières pages” (first pages) was a model project by the Ministry of Culture and Communication together with Caisse nationale des Allocations familiales (national office for family welfare), which ran from January 2010 to March 2010. The project aimed to inspire very young children to read, and to [ ... ]  

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„La malle aux écritures“ (France)

http: / / classes.bnf.fr / classes / pages / malleauxecritures.htm

Poster_La_malle_aux_ecrituresThe project “Malle aux écritures” (suitcase of letters) is first conducted in 2011 and it aims to inspire children to engage in writing. Kindergarten and primary school groups prepare collections of documents and objects relating to the topic of writing and scripture. Each group can choose whether [ ... ]  

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„Sacs de pages“ (France)

http: / / www.lireetfairelire.org / LFL / article8.html

Poster_Sacs_de_pages“Sacs de pages” (book bags) is a project wherein voluntary members of Lire et faire lire, (reading and letting read) organise regular reading hours in holiday and after-school clubs. These reading sessions are thematically focussed, targeting children aged three to ten years. Each year, a different topic is chosen by the [ ... ]  

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„Un livre pour l’été“ – A book for the summer

http: / / www.education.gouv.fr / cid52095 / mene1000505c.html

To kindle a joy of reading in children, particularly regarding reading for pleasure in their spare time, and to prevent functional illiteracy, the French minister of education, Luc Chatel, launched „Un livre pour l’été“ (A book for the summer holidays). A model project was begun in 2010 and 178,000 pupils in their second from last year in primary school received a book at the end of their school year. They were asked to read this book during their summer holidays, as it would be dealt with in the [ ... ]  

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Children, Youth

„Camion des mots“ (France)

http: / / www.camiondesmots.com /

“Camion des mots” (a lorry loaded with words) visits 120 towns in France each year. Children and young people aged 8-15 years are thereby playfully engage in the French language. Teachers escort their classes and are welcomed by volunteers from the “Lire et faire lire” initiative – who then support them in playing computer-based games in the lorry. Playful units take 30 minutes, and participants receive a “diploma” while teachers are rewarded with further games they can employ in classroom settings. 400 [ ... ]  

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