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Promoting Reading in Colombia for selected target groups

Babies, infants, families

“Centros de Lectura para Familias” - Reading centres for families in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=36

The reading centres aim to promote independent reading (aloud) in the families. Parents and pregnant women are trained in integrating reading and books in their family lives and receive suggestions for reading activities with their children, including singing, playing and making music. They moreover receive literature and advice regarding children, they can exchange experiences. For the children (aged 0 – 6 years) activities are offered on the topic of reading and trained experts read to them, and inspire [ ... ]  

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“Leer en Familia“ Reading in the Family in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=2

Inspired by the “Bookstart“ experience in the United Kingdom, Fundalectura adapted the concept in 2003 and applied it to Colombia. Supported by cultural and educational institutions, children are provided with books as soon as they are born, regardless of their parents’ social status wherever they live, thus independent from aspects that might otherwise have a negative effect on their reading socialisation. “Reading in the family“ targets children from when they are born till the age of six years and [ ... ]  

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“Fiesta de la Lectura” - Reading festival in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=1

The project “Fiesta de la Lectura” consists of two components: equipment of children’s homes with book collections, containing both children’s books and advisory/educational material for the educators and carers. Each children’s home can thus establish its own library. The second component concerns the training of readers and multipliers who are taught to develop the language and reading competences of children and to promote them. The initiators support the homes in setting up rooms in children’s [ ... ]  

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Infants, children, families

„Palabrario“ - Reading promotion for preschool and primary school children in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=11

“palabra” and “abrir” are the words describing the project – wishing to disclose the world of (written) texts to everyone. The concept addresses pre-school and primary school children and thus targets early learning processes – teaching children to read and deal with different text genres. The project cooperates with teachers, parents and institutions in different regions (“Palabrario” has been active since 2006).
Teachers are offered seminars training them how to use strategies in teaching to read [ ... ]  

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“Tiempo Oportuno para Leer” - Reading carts for Colombian children

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=7

The project is motivated by the idea of enabling children at all ages free access to books – regardless of their social background and height! A “reading cart” allows even very small children to reach out to books . The children can take the books out of the cart themselves, and owing to its wheels, push it anywhere they like. Such carts are provided to kindergartens and community centres, as well as to 26 000 participating families and their private gardens. The mobility of the cart and its [ ... ]  

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Youth, adults

“Librearte – Te conecta con la lectura” - Promoting reading in Engativá (Colombia)

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=38

“Librearte” is a project organised by the district of Engativá, which belongs to the capital city of Bogotá (Colombia). Different strategies target the reading interests of young people and adults. In 2010, the city carried out the following activities:
1. Engativá opened the first young people’s library in Bogotá, its address and opening times are published on the website.
2. New PPP (Paraderos Paralibros Paraparques) – “open air libraries” were established in four new areas in public parks, [ ... ]  

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“Tertulias Literaria” - Literary meetings in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=6

Nationwide, “Fundalectura” has organised literary meetings (or reading clubs) since 2004. Each year, a special topic is highlighted for exploration, reading and discussion. “Fundalectura” sends out invitations to participation out to municipalities, libraries of the “Plan Nacional de Lectura y Bibliotecas” (National Plan for Reading and Libraries), cultural institutions and other cultural bodies. The institutions organise the reading clubs where people can meet independent from their age, social [ ... ]  

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“PCI-Morrales de lectura” - Reading bags for families in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=5

The programme targets mostly socially deprived families living and working in rural areas, enabling and facilitating their access to literature. Since 2006, “Fundalectura”, “la Agencia Presidencial para la Cooperación Internacional” (office for international cooperation) and “Acción Social” (social action campaign), have jointly organised the initiative and implemented its five components:
1. Equipment: Each participant receives a shoulder-bag filled with books covering [ ... ]  

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For everyone

“Plan Nacional de Lectura y Bibliotecas – PNLB” - National Plan for Reading and Libraries in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_categoria=4

The PNLB networks and supports institutions dealing with books and reading. The plan promotes public libraries, provides training, organises reading-related events, collects experiences and successes, is engaged in communication with the media, provides support to the expansion of book production and the dissemination of books and is engaged in reading-related assessments and evaluations. The PNLB targets an improvement of reading and writing competencies in the Columbian people, optimising the services [ ... ]  

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“Biblioburro” - A mobile library on donkeys

http: / / www.fundacionbiblioburro.com /

Columbian primary school teacher Luis Soriano, from La Gloria, uses two donkeys as means of transport for his mobile library. He has been venturing out every weekend for more than ten years to deliver novels, dictionaries and newspapers to people in the rural north of Columbia. He thus contributes his share to the fight against poverty and the lack of education in Columbia. Soriano addresses children as well as adults. In particular, families from remote farms who would otherwise not be able to access [ ... ]  

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“Puestos de Lectura en plazas de mercado” - Reading in shopping centres in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=9

As part of the initiative that targets the integration of books and reading in daily life, reading corners are set up in shopping centres, which are usable as public libraries: people can browse books on location or take them home on loan, and the reading corners can host activities. A selection of approximately 250 books and audio books covering different genres is accessible to the public in each of the reading corners. The “Fundalectura” website provides information on the shops participating in the [ ... ]  

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“Bibloestaciones” - Small public libraries in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=8

“Biblioestaciones” are small public libraries installed at the bus stops of a bus service that is dedicated to promoting social justice and equal opportunities. Members of the reading foundation “Fundalectura” organise the counselling and lending services at the bus stop. Each of these libraries is equipped with ca. 1000 printed and audio books for all age groups. Readers can obtain library membership tickets at the stations themselves or by filling in a form that is accessible online. The website [ ... ]  

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“Paradores ParaLibros ParaParques - PPP” - Open air libraries in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=10

PPP are small open air libraries in public parks that look like a kiosk; consisting of a foldable bookshelf, a bench that can be used from both sides and the three programmatic capital letters “P” as an eye-catching framework. Each PPP contains ca. 350 books covering different topics, and book recommendations for all age groups. During their opening times, these park libraries are accessible to the general public, allowing people to browse or lend a book and read it at home – respective forms can be [ ... ]  

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