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Family Literacy in Austria

http: / / www.lesepartnerinnen.at

Logo_of_Reading_Partners Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture launched a family literacy initiative within the framework of its literacy strategy to initiate activities and projects systematically or to support them, targeting particularly activities that focus on children’s family and home environment. The Austrian Youth Book Club was commissioned to conduct [ ... ]  

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Book Club- Impetus for general education schools

http: / / www.buchklub.at / Unterrichtsimpulse / Buchklub-Impulse.html

The Austrian Book Club supports young people and is engaged in promoting literacy in young people, supporting their interest in books and reading. All volumes of the Book Club magazines PHILIPP (first and second grade) and YEP (third and fourth grade) are supplemented by the following modules offered on the Book Club website: additional tasks corresponding to educational standards, i.e. worksheets and online games, with different degrees of difficulty, reading journeys for all literary texts. 

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Ready, steady, read: A reading jigsaw puzzle in Lower Austria

http: / / www.zeitpunktlesen.at / lesepuzzle

‘Ready, steady, read!’ (Achtung, Fertig, Lies) is a giant round jigsaw puzzle that was developed for primary schools, in cooperation with the Lower Austria school board. It provides pupils of different school year groups with a playful access to reading. When supported by third and fourth grade pupils, the puzzle can also be enjoyed by younger children. Many primary school teachers made their suggestions for designing the puzzle. Throughout the game, the children are occupied with five topics in five [ ... ]  

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Leo’s reader passport event for primary schools in Lower Austria

http: / / www.zeitpunktlesen.at / lesepass.php

©-Zeit-Punkt-LesenThe initiative “Zeit Punkt Lesen“ (Time To Read) is inviting children and adults to read together by the “Leo’s reader passport event“. Keen readers will be awarded with certificates and prizes. Ideally, each child will chose a grown-up reading partner and all of the books they have read together will be recorded in the reading passport. The children will be [ ... ]  

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The read-and-play course “Leo’s treasure hunt” in Lower Austria

http: / / www.zeitpunktlesen.at / leseparcours-leos-schatzsuche.php

©-Zeit-Punkt-LesenFollowing the immense success of Leo the read-and-play maze, the treasure hunt was developed as a follow-up course inviting children aged 6-10 years to join Leo the rabbit and Philip the mouse in delving into the world of letters. One day, Leo and Philip find a sheet of paper stating that a treasure can be found in Lower Austria! They immediately set out [ ... ]  

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“Adventures in the attic“: musical theatre in Lower Austria

http: / / www.zeitpunktlesen.at / abenteuerdachboden_theater

©-Zeit-Punkt-LesenThe musical played by the initiative “Zeit Punkt Lesen“, “Adventures in the Attic“, once again inspires children to read and to discover how reading can provide an incentive to their own imagination. The play moreover intends to motivate children to become creative themselves. Reading, writing, drawing and acting - all of these activities can enrich our [ ... ]  

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“Leo reads“ - children`s play acting as a motivation for reading

http: / / www.zeitpunktlesen.at / leolist_theater

©-Team-SiebererThe “Zeit Punkt Lesen“ initiative supports this educational children`s musical on the topic of reading, which is based on the book by the Lower Austrian children`s writer Rena Schandl, offering insights into the history of Lower Austria. Paul Sieberer and his team have translated it into scenes with great sense of humour: Leo is a young rabbit. He is happy with his [ ... ]  

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Labuka – reading islands for children in Graz (Austria)

http: / / www.stadtbibliothek.graz.at / ?ref-type=labuka

Labuka-Buecherinsel Labuka is a joint-venture project by the city library of Graz and the reading centre Steiermark, which is aimed at motivating children and youths to read, by means of interesting actions and uncommon events. The children’s library Labuka in the town library of Graz offers an appealing and diverse programme. Events are open to all children and youths free of charge. [ ... ]  

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Project “Newspaper jungle” in Austria

http: / / www.zis.at / index.aspx?id=485

ZiS-project-newspaper-jungleThe project “newspaper jungle“ enables primary school children in Austria to become acquainted with newspapers, by becoming reporters themselves. They can practise writing their own storylines or advertisements, headlines etc. The workshops are guided by trained specialists who assist the pupils in finding [ ... ]  

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“Newspaper ahoi” – A newspaper workshop for lower secondary schools in Austria

http: / / www.zis.at / index.aspx?id=251

ZiS-project-Newspaper-ahoiReading newspapers means more than just reading. Reading newspapers means to deal with contents critically and to approach topics with a critical mind, to take new perspectives into account as well as to seek entertainment. The students thus raise their media literacy and reading competencies and they discover the [ ... ]  

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“ZiS-Zeitungsprojekt & ZiS Zeitungsvergleich” Newspaper subscriptions for classrooms in Austria

http: / / www.zis.at / index.aspx?id=5

ZiS-newspaper-comparison-projectThe development of media and reading literacy in young people requires the ability to order and assess high-quality journalism and information from different newspaper sources. The organisation “ZiS-Zeitung in der Schule” (Newspapers in Schools) collaborates with publishing houses and thus offers a [ ... ]  

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For everyone

Rezensionen Online (Austrian book reviews online)

http: / / www.biblio.at / rezensionen / index.htm

Suchmaske_Rezensionen_onlineRezensionen-online (online book reviews) is a project under the auspices of the Austrian library network, uniting literary-critical and library criteria in a database and enriching them with more related services. Without exception, anyone who is interested can access information regarding critical literary and media reviews. A media showcase that is [ ... ]  

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Reading initiative Steiermark (Austria)

http: / / www.leseoffensive.st /

Leseoffensive-Steiermark“Exciting rather than educating!“ -this is the motto behind the “Leseoffensive Steiermark“, a reading initiative that was launched in autumn 2008, supported by the education department of the regional government of Steiermark in Austria. It intends to motivate children to read, promote a joy of books and engage parents in reading aloud and telling [ ... ]  

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