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“Cala Polska czyta dzieciom” - All of Poland Reads to Kids!

Study on the ABC-Foundation’s national reading campaign


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Logo of the reading campaign, © Foundation ABCXXI

In 2001, the ABC Foundation and the Polish Ministry of Culture jointly started the “All of Poland Reads to Kids” campaign. This campaign aims to promote an enjoyment of reading as well as reading competencies of children, by daily reading out aloud activities in kindergartens, schools and other public places. In 2011, the Foundation is celebrating the campaign’s tenth anniversary, which has led to many actions and projects. In October 2006, the IPSOS market research institute carried out a study to assess the reading behaviour of the Polish population as well as the familiarity with the campaign “All of Poland Reads to Kids”.

1. The Study
More than 1,000 Polish residents older than 15 years were interviewed. The respondents were drawn from a random sample taken from 100 communities in Polen that was representative for the entire population regarding its sex, age and educational background.

2. Findings from the Study

The reading behaviour of adults in Poland
In 2006, fewer people had read a book in the past six months than in 2004. The proportion of adults who had not read a book in the past year decreased by 5 percent, from 41 to 36 percent. 60 percent of the adult population had read at least one book in the past six months, Regarding age groups, the group of 15 -19-years as well as respondents older than 59 years proved to be consist in their reading behaviour (with no changes from 2004). The proportion of readers decreased significantly in some of the other age groups. Women tended to be more avid readers than men

On the whole, reading to pre-school children seems to increase the likelihood that they will become keen adult readers. Nearly half of the adults who had read six ore more than si books in the past months claimed that books had been read to them when they were small. On the other hand, 61of those adults who had not read a book in the past six months said that nobody had read to them when they were children.

Parents’ reading to children
More than two thirds of the parents in Poland (68 %), who at the time of the survey had children under the age of ten years claimed that they read to their children – 17 %of them even read (nearly) daily with their children. 68 percent of those parents who regularly read to their children knew the campaign “All of Poland Reads to Kids”. Only 38 % of the parents who did not know the campaign read to their children on a regular basis.

How well is the campaign known?
Following its launch in 2001, the campaign increasingly became better known. By September 2006, 85 % of the respondents claimed they knew the campaign, in 2004 only 77 % had stated they knew the campaign. Especially those persons who at the time of the survey, were aged between 15 and 19 years or aged between 50 and 59 years, were more familiar with the campaign. This development was manifest across all educational backgrounds. Furthermore, parents with children under the age of ten years were frequently familiar with the campaign (94 %).

“All of Poland Reads to Kids” was particularly promoted by television spots (known to 61 %) as well as radio broadcasts and press releases.

3. Conclusions
According to the survey, an analogy can be drawn between the development of reading behaviours in Poland and Germany: On the one hand, there is a growing proportion of people who do not read, while on the other hand, there is a relevant number of avid readers. Differences in reading habits can be attributed to sex and age groups.

Active promotion of early childhood reading habits seems to impact upon adult reading conduct. The ABCG-Foundation’s campaign targets this aspect successfully: findings from the study allow for the assumption that “All of Poland Reads to Kids” can promote reading in the family. Nearly all of the families with children aged under ten years were aware of the campaign three years after its initiation. Families with an awareness of the campaign read twice as often to their children as families who did not know the campaign. Awareness of the campaign was created by several national promotion measures, particularly tv spots.

Summary: Stiftung Lesen, June 2011

Source: www.allofpolandreadstokids.org/ipsos-report-

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Translated into English by Gwendolyn Schulte (DIPF)



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