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Research and evaluation of reading promotion in Poland


Evaluation of “Reading Schools” and “Reading Preschools”

Reading campaign “Cala Polska czyta dzieciom”

poster of the reading campaign

“ABCXXI - All of Poland Reads to Kids” foundation and the Polish Ministry of Culture jointly launched a campaign for promoting reading in 2001. This campaign aimed to promote reading aloud, at school, at home and in public places. In 2006, the centre for evaluation, “Osrodek Ewaluaji” analysed effects of the regular reading activities together with local programme coordinators.
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“Cala Polska czyta dzieciom” - All of Poland Reads to Kids!

Study on the ABC-Foundation’s national reading campaign

logo of the reading campaign

In October 2006, the IPSOS market research institute carried out a study to assess the reading behaviour of the Polish population as well as the familiarity with the campaign “All of Poland Reads to Kids”. The ABCG-Foundation’s campaign targets this aspect successfully: findings from the study allow for the assumption that “All of Poland Reads to Kids” can promote reading in the family.
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