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Promoting Reading for selected target groups in Brazil

Infants, Children, Families

Project “Ler é Saber” in Brazil

http: / / www.leresaber.org.br /

Young_child_Library“Ler é Saber” is a project based on the intention of Instituto Brasil Leitor (IBL): that aims to enable free access to books and literature for everyone- independent of individual financial means and dispositions, to integrate reading into daily life and establish reading competency and a joy of reading as a basis for [ ... ]  

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Children, Youth

“PROLER – Programma Nacional de Incentivo à Leitura” - Nation-wide reading promotion program in Brazil

http: / / www.bn.br / proler / index.htm

PROLER is a nation-wide programme that has existed since 1992. It is conducted in a cooperation between the National Library Foundation (Fundação Biblioteca Nacional - FBN) and the Ministry of Culture (Ministério da Cultura - MinC). Aiming to improve reading and writing competencies and to democratise access to books, PROLER acts as a linkage between the state and society, mediating between political institutions and non-governmental initiatives. It thus connects experiences of individuals acting in the [ ... ]  

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“Salão FNLIJ do Livro para Crianças e Jovens” - Book salon for children and youths in Rio de Janeiro

http: / / www.fnlij.org.br / principal.asp?cod_mat=33 & cod_menu=400

Since 1999, “Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil – FNLIJ ” (National Foundation for Child and Youth Books) has organised an annual two-week “S alão do Livro para Crianças e Jovens” (Book salon for children and youths). For a decade, the museum of modern art in Rio de Janeiro hosted this event , but since 2010, “Centro Cultural da Ação e da Cidadania” (Cultural centre for civic participation) in the harbor quarters of Rio de Janeiro has been the venue.
On the occasion, the pleasure of [ ... ]  

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For everyone

“Brincalendo” - Street reading festival in São Paulo

http: / / www.brasilleitor.org.br / www / projeto_brincalendo.aspx

Street_reading_festival_in_São_Paulo “Brincalendo”, an initiative of the “Instituto Brasil Leitor (IBL)”, is a street reading festival, which takes place at the address of the IBL main quarters in São Paulo (Rua Lopes Chaves, Barra Funda). A number of activities focusing on literature, arts and drawing are taken [ ... ]  

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“Bibliotecas Estações e Terminais” - Station libraries in Brazil

http: / / www.brasilleitor.org.br / www / biblioteca_metro.aspx

Biblioteca_Embarque_na_Leitura_EstaçãoSubject to cooperations with public transport organisations, libraries are established in metro and train stations. The project aims to facilitate free access to literature and to assure that books become an integral part of daily life.
The “Instituto Brasil Leitor (IBL)” originally [ ... ]  

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“Perca um Livro” - Campaign of the Brazilian Institute of Reading

http: / / www.brasilleitor.org.br / www / PercaUmLivro.aspx

Biblioteca_ORM_Hospital_do_Câncer_de_Barretos“Perca um Livro” is an action by Instituto Brasil Leitor (IBL) to commemorate its tenth anniversary. IBL has set up libraries in public places, e. g. hospitals, schools, bus and metro stations. Some books are marked with a code: Readers who find such a book can enter the code on the IBL [ ... ]  

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“Bibliotecas Comunitárias Ler é Preciso” - Local libraries in Brazil

http: / / www.ecofuturo.org.br / ler-e-preciso

“Instituto Ecofuturo” (Institute Eco Future) developed a project in 1999, which became an association with the “Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil - FNLIJ” (National Foundation for Children and Youth Books) in 2001. In remote areas and locations with little infrastructure, local libraries are set up, focusing on fiction and non-fiction and organizing reading activities on a regular basis.
The “Instituto Ecofuturo” decides where a new library is built, the foundation establishes [ ... ]  

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“Prazer em Ler” - Joy of reading

http: / / www.institutocea.org.br / como-atuamos / area-atuacao / Default.aspx?id=1

“Prazer em Ler” (Joy of reading) is a project that was launched in 2006 by Instituto C&A. The project aims to demonstrate the meaning reading has in terms of an individual, social and cultural asset, focusing on the programmatic motto of reading as an enjoyable activity. The project thus intends to sharpen the profile of existing, nation-wide programs. Here, the key elements are continuity, sustainability and further and initial training of multipliers. Together with different partners (schools, [ ... ]  

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