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Pilot study: Youth Literature and social networks (JL 2.0)

Transmedia Storytelling Project ahead of White Ravens Festival


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What advantages and opportunities do social networks such as facebook, twitter or youtube offer regarding cultural work with young people? How can the communication and participation-related Web 2.0 elements be applied to cultural education purposes? These questions are at the core of the pilot study “Young people and social networks (JL 2.0)”, currently prepared by International Youth Library. In February 2012, the study will be launched subject to intensive communication and reporting. Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung acts as a funding partner showing particular interest in generalisable findings that can be transferred to other contexts.

Web 2.0-based exchange on high-quality youth literature
The study is tied to the White Ravens Festival for international child and youth literature, which is organised by International Youth Library, to be held from July 15th to July 20th, 2012. This event will take place for the second time. From all over the world, authors of high-quality, exciting and cutting-edge youth literature will gather for this event. A transmedia storytelling project will be launched in Web 2.0 format as a discussion forum focusing invited guests and their novels. Thereby, young people using social networks will be given an opportunity ahead of the festival to actively participate in authentic and fictional (life) stories of the authors. The project aims at establishing a transmedia community of mostly young users and readers – a community showing enthusiasm regarding the White Ravens Festival, respective authors and youth literature.

Potentials offered by social networks regarding literary-cultural education
To pay justice to the international character of the Festival and Web 2.0 elements likewise, blog entries will be made in different languages, reaching out to young people outside Germany. At best, users from abroad will network with their friends based in Germany and will thus join the transmedia community.

Hence, findings from the study will not only allow for making statements regarding the transmedia, but also the intercultural potential of social networks with respect to literary-cultural education, which is likely to be interesting for other domains, too. The pilot study “Youth literature and social networks (JL 2.0)“ is financed by Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung and supported by the Cultural Affairs department, Munich magistrate.

Information regarding the project:
Blog: www.white-ravens-festival-2012.posterous.com/
Documentation: www.das-nest.posterous.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/White-Ravens-Festival
Twitter: www.twitter.com/#!/WhiteRavens2012

Carola Gäde
International Youth Library
Schloss Blutenburg
81247 Munich
E-Mail: carolagaede@ijb.de
Internet: www.ijb.de

Translated into English by Gwendolyn Schulte (DIPF)



Pilot Study JL 2.0