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“Reading Worldwide” now features English-language Wiki


Wiki Reading worldwide

Wiki Reading worldwide, © DIPF

“Reading worldwide”, the English language portal for the dissemination of information on institutions and projects active in the field of reading promotion from many countries, now features the “Reading worldwide” Wiki. This open work and communication platform shall enable and support international knowledge transfer in the field of reading promotion and respective research. “Reading worldwide” is offered by Stiftung Lesen, the German Reading Foundation.

The newly launched Wiki allows users to upload contents, or to process and annotate existing ones. New projects in the field of reading promotion are featured on “Reading worldwide” as well as current findings from research on reading, The platform collects facts and figures on reading behaviors in many countries, and offers a glossary of definitions for terms that are relevant to reading promotion and reading research. Experts from theory and practice in the field are welcome to:

  • submit their own project descriptions and thus introduce them to many interested readers,
  • add terms and definitions to the glossary,
  • present new studies and findings from the field of reading research
  • and contribute further facts and figures regarding reading behavior in different countries.

Online address of the “Reading worldwide” Wiki:

Online address of the “Reading worldwide” portal:

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The DIPF is a member of the Leibniz Association, which currently counts 87 research institutes and science infrastructure institutions, as well as two associated members. Research in the Leibniz Association covers a broad scope, reaching from the natural sciences, engineering and environmental sciences to economics, social and space science and the humanities. Leibniz institutes strategically and thematically work on issues that are relevant to society as a whole. Hence, Leibniz institutes are jointly funded by the federal government and the Länder states. For further information, see www.leibniz-gemeinschaft.de

Stiftung Lesen, the German Reading Foundation, is a recognized competent and independent partner and advocate in reading. The Foundation promotes reading competence and access to reading, targeting all age groups and the entire population, regarding all media. As an operative foundation, Stiftung Lesen collaborates closely with partners to conduct research and model projects as well as programmes with a broad effect - together with federal and state ministries, science organisations, foundations, associations and enterprises. Its most prominent initiatives include the annual national “Day of Reading”, the “World Day of Books” and “Lesestart - three milestones for reading”, the largest reading promotion programme in Germany, which is jointly carried out by Stiftung Lesen and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Many celebrities support Stiftung Lesen acting as "ambassadors" for the cause. Stiftung Lesen was founded in 1988; its patron is President Christian Wulff.

Translated into English by Gwendolyn Schulte (DIPF)